200 Degrees Coffee coming to the BOX soon!

Wahoooo! That was my exact response when I got a call from Timthecoffeeguy (Instagram) saying yes to supplying us with 200 Degrees coffee.

200 Degrees are a specialist roaster based in Nottingham, taking the midlands by storm. With two coffee shops in Nottingham, one in Birmingham and most recently a new destination in Leicester.

Since getting the green light I've been on intensive training courses with the 200 degrees team to make sure I'm doing it to their standard (which is incredibly high btw). Still need to perfect 'the swan'.

What I love about 200 Degrees coffee, is not only does it taste great, it is ethically sourced and each small batch roast is crafted by hand sampled by the 'master roaster'.

Mr. B.D.

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