The Coffee Box has arrived!

Today: The big reveal of our latest project. The Coffee BOX. We made our debut at the Southwell Market, Nottingham. Having arrived on site at 6:30am we were fully set up and ready to brew by 8am. 

Our Vintage Horse Box is fully equipped with a brand new Lelit Espresso Machine and a pro coffee bean grinder. We grind as we go to ensure the freshest possible flavour. Following my extensive training with 200 Degrees I'm determined to do this fab coffee justice and serve it just right. Alongside 200 Degrees coffee, we've got The Brew Tea Co. tea (Moroccan Mint is my personal favourite) AND (very excited about this partnership....) a selection of Doughnuts from Doughnotts (The Nottingham Doughnut Company).

We had such a warm welcome from all the existing market stall holders, being the new kid on the block we were a little nervous, and we loved meeting people from the boutiques and shops on the high street. 

Here are some highlights of our day:

Mr. B.D. 

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