-7c isn't good for outdoor catering!

Early March 2018.... The weather takes a turn for the worst, and for a few days, doesn't get above zero degrees C! Great for children perhaps as they all got sent home from school ( not so good for the parents!) Not so good for a horse box bar which is resting peacefully, dreaming of summer trading! 

I hadn't been inside the Box for a few days, but I thought I had best have a quick look as it had been SO cold that day. The ice on the outside should of been a give away I guess.

On entering the Box I see ice on the floor....then icicles coming out the tap, the water pump and worst still, coming out of the steam wands and overflow on the coffee machine....NOOOO!!

Stupidly I didn't leave a small heater on inside the Box! 

The next few hours were spent with a heater and my wife's posh hair dryer, to thor out all the water lines, filters, pumps and coffee machine. Weirdly the water in the larger water tank didn't freeze!!

I think I got away with it pretty lightly really...the water pressure gauge in the picture has blown due to the ice build up and will need replacing for approximately £50 but everything is still working and the coffee still flowing! 

My learnings: 

-Even insulated water pipes / machinery freeze is sub zero temperatures.

- Always put the small heater on inside the Box when temperatures dip past -0c. Set on minimum, it brings the temperature up to around 5c which is all good.

-  Try to drain all water from the system after an event and not trading again for a number of days.

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