Little Box 2 - The Beast from the East hits!

What a day to have booked to take the Box in for a new coat of paint.... The Beast from the East storm truly hit the Midlands in early March 2018, but we still managed to crawl into the workshop!

After searching many body shops to see if they were willing to take on the Box I found that most respray booths haven't got enough height to accommodate it! Luckily I came across AMAutocraft in Nottingham. 

To help keep costs under control my father and I did a lot of the prep work before taking the Box into the bodyshop ( thanks Dad ). It took us approximately 4 full days to sand most of the outside, plus heat guns, scrappers, knifes, and lots of sanding discs to remove the layers of old paint. 

So, after the painstaking job of prepping, the day to travel to the workshop came. Obviously same time as the storm 'The Beast from the East' hit...just my luck! Towing the Box in a few inch of snow was interesting to say the least, but I made it! 

After arriving at AMAutocraft, I agreed to stay to help do more prep work! More sanding, removing bodywork, preparing wheels etc. I did get to have a go with the spray gun though, so all good!

The Box was back home after a few days and looking much smarter with his new coat on! 

Now we are working on the inside.... sockets, lighting, water pump, rear trailer lighting, and the brakes will also be serviced soon as well as adding finishing touches such as beautifully polished original Rice badges, thanks to the father in-law Kevin . Fingers crossed ready for his first outing in a few weeks with pictures to follow! 

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