3.....is the magic number!

Blue Box is currently on a vacation at Richard Esam Welding & Fabrication. The amazing engineer Dean has been working his magic cutting, grinding and welding to create the third Box in the Boxed Drinks fleet.

In the original Coffee Box the opening side flap is great in the sunshine but when the weather turns we have to pattern down the hatches so to speak, to stop the rain coming in. Dean has welded the opening flap shut then cut in a new opening hatch. This also gives a bit of cover for the customer while at the counter. The side ramp has been cut, which allows it to fold out when serving.

The back has now been sealed up to keep the weather out, with an opening flap on gas struts which open out towards the customer. An access hole has been left under the counter to help load / unload stock from the Box. This will get covered at a later date with a large chalkboard.

Still a little more to do inside, but such as shelves, but its getting there. Dean's work is top notch, with great attention to detail. Hopefully back within the next week, then time for the interior fit out and then a respray at AMAutocraft. Its going to be a busy few weeks getting it ready for the summer season!

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